Top Home Decor Trends of 2022

New year, new you, new furniture to match! 2022 has come and we can’t wait to share with you the most popular furnishing trends of this year!

Earth Tone Vibes

Something simple like tan, beige, grey shades, white. With small pops of color like sage and light olive green, really give your home a calm, peaceful look. These colors are considered “colors of the year” by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. They create healing spaces that can be restorative and calming, pairing these earthy colors with warm browns, soft greys and sky blues can really bring the room together.

Cozy Corners

If the last two years of quarantine taught us anything, it’s that we need a cozy comfort spot in our homes. 2022 is the year of refreshment and rejuvenation. Subtle colors, soft-edged pieces, cozy textiles, simple curved furniture can provide you with the cozy space you’re looking for.

Revamping Entertainment Spaces

2022 has got people revamping their entertainment spaces after being inside so long. Comfortable and functional was a priority the last couple years. Now the focus is on upgrading their entertainment spaces to accommodate their family and friends. Outfitting outdoor spaces, upgrading living rooms to a more luxurious vibe, even sprucing up their dining rooms with higher end furniture and decor. A modern-yet traditional style.

Soft Wood Accents

Comfort, coziness and warmth describe these soft wood accent tones that manufacturers have put on the market. To match with the earth tones, warm medium-tone wood pieces can balance out an area. People are choosing more lightly stained wood oak versus the dark or washed out tones, for furniture and decor.

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