Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Spring has finally arrived and it’s time to refresh your home with small changes that will instantly give you the feeling of luxury and spring. Take some time this weekend to do one or two of these projects around your home, and you’ll feel like you have a whole new house! Plus, changing up your decor can make it easier to sell your home if you are looking to move in the future. The more inviting and stylish your house looks, the better! Check out some of these spring home decorating ideas below for some inspiration on how to best bring spring into your home.

Add new spring colors to home decor

Changing up your home decor for spring can be as simple as adding in new colors and rearranging furnishings. But if you’re more of a luxury furniture aficionado, adding brightly colored accents like taupe, purple, and blue can also help perk up your living space. To add some fresh flowers to your home, try planting tulips or hyacinths in vases around your home. They’ll last for weeks and are beautiful additions to an otherwise dull spring day.

Change the way you arrange your furniture

In the spring, you’re likely welcoming warmer weather by rearranging your furniture and swapping out heavy blankets for lighter ones. Moving around your big pieces is a great way to make a room feel new without completely redecorating. Replace your dark, cozy winter pillows with fun and bright coral and turquoise cushions. Fold up your cashmere and cable knit throws, and replace them with light and vibrant ones. Even go as far as switching out the curtains to a spring vibe.


Spring is a great time to begin anew, so spend some time decluttering your space. Look for items you don’t use or need and purge them—donate them if they can be of use to someone else. Then, choose new colors and patterns (perhaps something in citrus or mint) to transform your space into something fresh and new for spring. Choose soft neutrals that won’t conflict with what you have on hand.

Renew an old sofa, chair or table

If you love your sofa, chair or table but it’s become worn, try out a new upholstery job to bring some fresh life into your favorite piece of furniture. A quick update can give an old piece that luxury-furntiure feel at a fraction of the cost. Buying new furniture is always an option, too—but if you already have a great piece in mind, why not make it even better? You may also want to consider adding some color or pattern with throw pillows for extra flair. And don’t forget about other pieces in your home; if you have mismatched vases on display, for example, consider creating cohesion by purchasing matching ones instead.

Create a cozy corner in Spring style

With everyone begininning to work from home, creating that space where you can work or separate yourself from work is important. Try a some soft, neutral colors for a space that feels safe and serene. Use an ottoman and bolster pillows to create a cozy corner where you can relax and unwind. Whether that be a cozy bench area near a window or corner office. Keep seasonal accessories on hand so you can swap them out with your current decorations as they transition from season to season.

Make a terrace special in any weather

Outdoor furniture is a luxury often overlooked by homeowners. Sure, you can grab a few cheap patio chairs from Wal-Mart, but outdoor furniture and backyard oasis go hand in hand. Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home—spend a little extra to make it as comfortable as possible for yourself and your guests.

Refresh bathrooms & kitchens

The bathroom and kitchen is a part of your home that is often overlooked when decorating for spring. This season, give your bathroom and kitchen an update with new towels, soaps, and luxury furniture pieces for a more modern look. A fresh coat of paint in bright spring colors can also add to that chic look you want to achieve.

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