Post Quarantine Interior Design Trends

As the coronavirus pandemic continues being a pressing issue and many people have been stuck inside their homes a lot more than normal. This has caused more and more homeowners to start those home projects or do a little redecorating. While our team at Augustus and Carolina has been doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, we’ve noticed a few design trends we thought we should share!


With everyone spending more time inside, comfort has become their top priority. Whether it’s adding extra pillows to your couch or replacing a few old cushions, making small changes can improve your comfort level and mood! 


Keeping your furniture clean and sanitized has never been more of a challenge. More people are replacing old pieces of furniture that are hard to keep clean with pieces that are easier to keep clean (like leather that can be wiped down). Another thing we’ve noticed is people using more air purifiers and essential oils, in hopes of improving their indoor air quality. 

Working From Home

 Having a space where you can, in some way, continue your work-life is essential. Transitioning to a home office can be hard if you don’t have a space dedicated to working. Find a quiet, clean space where you can keep your work organized and still be productive. Comfy office furniture, good storage, and efficient lighting should help you feel like you can accomplish just as much work at home than if you were in the office! 

Less is More and Local is Better

 After the last few months, people are realizing that they can live with a lot less. We’ve noticed more and more people getting rid of extra furniture they don’t need and opening up their living space. People are also finding eccentric and unique pieces of furniture that you can’t find anywhere else just by shopping local! 

We understand the difficulties our community has had to face, and we’d like to help you any way we can. Whether you’d just like some friendly advice or some help furnishing an entire home, we’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to stop on by or give us a call!

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