Outdoor Furniture Vibes 2022

White-Wash & Mediterranean Style Gardens

These extraordinarily photogenic white gardens may have been popularized by social media. Perhaps they are the epitome of style and create a serene enclave. A key trend for the coming season is white furniture, décor, and flowering plants. A monochromatic colour is the main idea behind this look. You will still be on trend if you go for a garden in gray or black.

Seasonal thinking

It’s not unusual for people to want to invite wildlife to their gardens. A growing number of gardens are designed to attract local wildlife. Wildlife can be attracted to an area with native plants and water features. The local nursery is a good resource for plant recommendations. Sit back relax and enjoy the beauty nature brings.

Minimalist Patios

Easy-to-maintain patio areas are ideal. You want to spend time in your area, not give yourself extra work.By mixing and matching, layering, and exploring the colors, textures, and motifs of the world around you, your outdoor space will radiate luxe-boho vibes. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, display items you’ve collected on your travels, and choose sturdy weatherproof outdoor furniture you can relax on wherever you want. It takes comfortable seating to complete the look, along with some low maintenance plants to make it look chic whether you prefer the luxe-boho vibes or the clean lines of modern décor.

Take Advantage of the Outdoors

Integrate your indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly with a gorgeous outdoor space. Fill your space with couches, rugs, pillows, and plants. To create a successful outdoor area, always consider how you need the space to function for you before making décor decisions.

The following steps will help you create an outdoor living room:

  1. Begin by considering how you want the space to serve you.
  2. Use weatherproof outdoor furniture set on a shaded area like a patio.
  3. Pick out coordinating blankets and pillows for added comfort and color, as well as mounting an outdoor TV on the wall and hanging outdoor fans on the ceiling.

Your outdoor furniture should be sturdy and comfortable. You should be surrounded by clean, cool and calming colors to accent your vibe. Your outdoor space should be functional for entertaining or a quiet night in. If you need help designing yours, stop in! We can assist you with furniture that will tie your whole space together.

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