How To Style An Outdoor Patio Area

The summertime weather here along the Grand Strand is perfect for relaxing on your outdoor patio or the screened porch! Having comfortable furniture and unique decor can enhance your outdoor space and make it the perfect space to relax or entertain guests! That’s why our team here at Augustus and Carolina has come up with a few ideas to help you style your outdoor patio area! 

Comfort Is Priority

While some homeowners like the look of certain pieces, they aren’t always the comfiest! Whether you layer a few throw pillows on your outdoor sofa or add a few outdoor rugs, adding little pieces of comfort will make every inch of your space more inviting!

Hang Curtains

White or sheer, light-colored curtains can add to the ambiance outdoors. Let the curtains down to keep the bugs out or to have some shade, either way, this small addition can make a big difference! 

Add Extra Seating

When there are times where you may need extra seating, it’s a good idea to get one or two-floor cushions to have just in case! These are great for when you have kids or teens over because they are easy to stow away and change out throughout the seasons! 

Add A Small Dining Space

It’s a great idea to add a cozy dining space to your outdoor patio where you can enjoy meals. A small bistro table set can be perfect because they don’t take up too much space and are easy to stow away. 

While there are hundreds of thousands of design possibilities, our team here at Augustus and Carolina has the expertise to help you create a beautiful and practical outdoor patio space that’s customized just for you. If you have any questions or want our help, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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