How to Select The Right Outdoor Umbrella For Your Space 

The summer is the time to get your share of rays and work on your tan, but what about when you need to retreat for a bit? Your outdoor umbrella isn’t just functional, it is also an accessory and a statement piece to your outdoor living area and decor. There are many options out there to consider – fabric, size, style, color. How do you know which is right for your outdoor space? Here we can help shed some light (or rather shield you from the light!) with some handy tips.

Choose the correct size
Umbrellas are available in various sizes, but which is correct for your patio or dining area? The rule of thumb for an umbrella size is two feet past the edge of your table. For example, a 9 foot umbrella should cover approximately a six person table. This will look proportionally correct as well as be functional.

Fabric and colors- you have options!
Your outdoor umbrella’s purpose is to shield you and your guests from the harsh sun, so it is going to take a beating from the UV rays. This means that it will fade some over time, which is very important to keep in mind as you choose a color. If the area is in partial sunlight, then color could be a great option for you. But if you are in direct sunlight most of the time, you will want to choose a more neutral tone, as it will not show fading as much, giving you a longer lifespan of the umbrella.

Based on this, now you will be able to decide on color or pattern easier. Being that outdoor umbrellas are used mainly in the summer months, it is easy to lean towards bright colors and patterns. To make the most of the color scheme of your backyard, here is a good way to choose your umbrella color: if the area is mainly surrounded by trees, shrubs, and maybe just a pool – a bright color or pattern would be perfect, as it would be the pop of color in the space. If the area is mainly surrounded by an abundance of flowers and bright colors, you want to select a neutral shade so that it blends in and allows the natural beauty it shine through.

When you think of an outdoor umbrella, the first word that pops to your mind might not be features, but there are many out there! Putting up an umbrella can be a challenge at times, especially if you are using the “push and pin” type, which can easily collapse down. A better option is choosing one with a crank option, as it is easier and safer. There are different types of poles, from wooden to plastic, it is recommended to use an aluminum one, as they usually last the longest and do not rust. There are also different types of bases, either metal, wooden or something sand filled. The best option is one that is a granite base, around 120 to 150 pounds, as this is very unlikely to fly away when correctly attached to the base.

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