Home Trends To Watch In 2020

With every new decade comes a new decade of design. By thoroughly watching what has been trending in 2019, we’ve come to tell you all about the trends to watch in 2020. A common theme that interior designers and homeowners are headed towards this year is a comfortable look inspired by nature. 

Sustainable Design

As the environment continues to be a concern for homeowners, they’ve become more interested in sustainable designs. What this means is more people are using natural, recycled, and repurposed items to fill their home. Along with sustainable furniture, homeowners are continuing to use earthier tones in their color schemes. 

Integrated Living Spaces

Open concept homes continued to be a hot favorite for homeowners in 2019 and are expected to continue into 2020. Since the most popular room in a house is the kitchen, people love it when the kitchen, living room and dining room flow together. While style is important, comfort and coziness are equally important to homeowners. They’re looking to fill their homes with furniture that’s comfortable and made from natural materials. 

Textured Accents

From rugs to wall art, you can add texture just about anywhere. Natural textures continue to be popular as we move into 2020 and can be a great way to make a ‘flat’ room look more inviting! By simply adding some textile art or a simple fluffy rug, you can make the interior of your home feel warmer and welcoming. Expect to see more rich textured fabric like leather, suede, and velvet in 2020. 

Whether it’s the hottest fashion or the most popular way to renovate your kitchen, trends come and go just like the seasons. The trends above are likely to stick around throughout most of 2020. If you’re stuck on what you want your home to look like on the inside, or don’t even know where to start when it comes to buying furniture that matches, our designers would be more than happy to help you. At Augustus & Caroline, we believe in homes that are a perfect reflection of the people who live inside!


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