Creating Your Dream Coastal-Inspired Home

The summer is coming and you’re getting ready to redecorate for the warm weather. We know how it goes – a beach house deserves a coastal feel! A classic coastal design style is true to its nature: warm and inviting. A coastal interior design is all about creating a relaxed, casual atmosphere that feels like home. Coastal design is an easy way to bring the beach to you, while still looking chic for the season. Bring some coastal charm to your living room, office, or bedroom with a few beachy decor touches. Whether you live by the sea or miles from the nearest body of water, incorporating just a few beachy decor touches can give any space a cool, coastal vibe. Not sure how to get started? Here are a few tips on creating your dream coastal-inspired home,

What is Coastal Design?

The cozy, coastal-style decor is so popular because it makes us all yearn for the seaside—even if we live several miles from the nearest ocean. All you need to do is embrace rustic touches like sea glass, ropes, and driftwood, which pair beautifully with natural textures like wicker, wood, or stone. Then toss in a few nautical accents like anchors and shells for an easy effect that feels effortlessly chic.

Coastal design is not all anchors and model boats (although it can be), but rather incorporating nature’s natural beauty into the decor. Using soft blues and whites, house plants, wicker, and other natural inspirations can create a beach feel, rather than a nautical one.

Design Around the View

When designing your coastal home, a view of the water is ideal. The location of the furniture in your living room, especially a panoramic window, should be placed correctly to maximize the view. If you have a view of the water, your sofa should be positioned directly in front of the window. This way, everyone can enjoy watching the sunset while resting comfortably on it.

Natural Light Is Your Friend

Coastal interiors range from traditional to contemporary and eclectic, but they all share one common theme: lighting. Because of the natural light in coastal homes, you’ll want to keep your color palette light and airy, with a limit on heavy furniture or textiles. Make sure that none of your windows are blocked to allow for maximum natural lighting throughout the day.

White Is A Must…

The coastal interior design style is known for its crisp whites and bleached woods. This combination creates a look that is both fresh and clean, perfect for a seaside escape. White decor also looks beautiful mixed with natural lighting. It makes the rooms feel airy and bright, just like you’re on the beach! However, if you have small children, white furniture may not be the best idea. Instead, try incorporating light blues, beiges, or striped textures.

…With A Sprinkle of Blue Tones

The coastal interior design style is often romantic and dreamy. Coastal decor is typically a clean, streamlined look but with a hint of color. Try layering different shades of blue to create a relaxing and inviting space. Nautical homes usually incorporate more navy blues, while baby blue is more of a coastal feel. Keep this in mind when choosing your color palette! However, you can still use navy blues in your home but try to focus on keeping your decor light and airy.

Lots of Stripes

Stripes are a classic for coastal spaces – if you have the chance to add them to your living room, we highly recommend that you do so! A blue and white stripe sofa is a fun piece that really complements the coastal style. You can even find striped decor in rugs, wall art, lampshades, and throw blankets!

Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is unique, stylish, and perfect for your coastal home. This wicker style is a great way to make your space look more natural and light. Whether you choose rattan chairs or a rattan sofa, these pieces of coastal furniture are all a step above their competition. Rattan dining chairs bring an exotic sense of style to any modern dining room. A rattan sofa adds cozy comfort to the corner of a living room. Add a set of rattan side tables for an eclectic coastal look.

Coastal Designs at Augustus & Carolina

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