Benefits To Buying Furniture In-Store vs. Online

With the way the world is getting more and more online, some things are just better when you can see it for yourself in person… especially when it comes to buying furniture! While we understand that it’s easier for many people to purchase furniture online, there are many benefits to looking and purchasing furniture in person. That’s why our team here at Augustus & Carolina is here to tell you a few benefits to buying furniture in-store versus online. 


After purchasing furniture online, you never know how many boxes it will come in and how much you will have to assemble yourself. Here at Augustus & Carolina, we offer shipping and delivery options on all orders to provide our customers with the utmost convenience. We can have most products shipped directly to you, while we can also receive your purchases in our store, check for damages and deliver to you at a convenient and scheduled time.

Examine The Quality

When you’re looking at pieces in-store, you can see the quality of furniture yourself and even test it out to ensure it’s exactly what you’re looking for! Rather than looking at the reviews before buying furniture online and trusting the piece is delivered without damage, you won’t have to worry about that when you purchase pieces in-store. We have a team of interior designers here that would be more than happy to help you find the perfect pieces to fill your home.

Will It Fit?

When you choose to purchase furniture in-store, you can have a better idea (or an exact measurement) if the piece will fit in your home. Depending on the materials the piece is made with, it can be risky trusting just the online measurements rather than seeing it and measuring it in person yourself. 

If you’re debating on whether or not to come by the showroom we have plenty of images of pieces throughout our 65,000 square foot showroom space on our website! Have questions or need directions to Augustus & Carolina? Click here

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