Benefits of A Gas Fire Pit vs Wood-Burning Fire Pits

Whether you’re furnishing your screened porch or outdoor patio, a fire pit can be a great feature to add to your home. There are plenty of firepits out there you can choose from, like in-ground, gas, wood, etc. While it may take some consideration on what type of fire pit you might like, our team at Augustus and Carolina is here to tell you the benefits of gas (propane & natural gas-fueled) firepits! 


Rather than stacking dry firewood each time you want to have a fire, a gas fire pit is usually turned on and off with a button and provides continuous heat and lighting. Also, with a wood fire pit, you have to store your firewood and light it yourself. Gas fire pits are overall easier to maintain than wood fire pits because ashes don’t need to be shoveled out. 

Energy Efficient

Gas fire pits will always be more environmentally friendly than wood-burning fire pits since they let off 99% fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Unlike wood-burning fire pits, gas fire pits don’t smoke and won’t leave your clothes smelling like a campfire!


While both fire pit options come with safety concerns, it’s vital to make sure the gas system is checked to ensure there aren’t any leaks. Gas leaks can get out of hand if not dealt with properly. Wood burning fire pits can also pose threats if the fire isn’t completely out after each time or if the fire pit is close to a structure. 

While these are only a few benefits of having a gas fire pit, adding one to your home will also increase your home’s value! Whether you’re on the fence or have an idea of what you’re looking for, our design team at Augustus and Carolina can help find you the perfect fire pit to complement your home!

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