A Place of Their Own – How To Make A Stylish Man Cave

Man cave’s have a reputation which precede them. One filled with beer paraphernalia, neon bar signs, car logos, dirty carpets and old recliners. The words “man cave” don’t make most people think of a swanky, classy, sophisticated den of masculinity. We are here to help you erase your preconceived ideas and replace them with one we can help you create. Man cave’s come in many different forms and it is about what you want the main purpose of the space to be: football viewing, cigar smoking, pool playing, reading, or creating – the concepts for the space are endless. Here are some tips to create a man cave that is functional and still is a the perfect manly retreat. 

Decide on the focus of the space 

Having a defined purpose for the space is key in planning. Everyone deserves a sanctuary of their own that reflects their style and interests. We suggest that if you are planning to use the space for something specific such as cigars, scotch tasting, reading, etc., be sure the furniture and layout are conducive to the activity. You might require a nice bar set up, a walk out back yard for grilling on game day, ample seating, etc. 

The Devil is in the Decor 

You decor doesn’t have to be neon bar signs, tattered posters tacked to the wall, and a wall full of holes from a dart board. Once you have defined the focus of your man cave, now pepper in your accents. Incorporate pieces that reflect the essence and goal of the space in a mature manner, but still reflects your personality. Decorate the wall with prints that reflect pieces of that interest, for example if its scotch, have nice glasses and a decanter, framed map of Scotland, throw back prints of advertisements for particular brands, leather furniture etc. Lean into a theme, and keep it classy. This shouldn’t look like a frat house. 

Chic & Stylish 

Choose a texture or palate for your man cave. It could be wood, leather, polished concrete, industrial with metal and rivets, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to the creativity you pour into your space. Picking a feel for the space will make it cohesive and purposeful, not as if you just went to garage sales and picked up sale items to “make do with”. This is a time to showcase your personality and style. 

Need help designing your man cave? Let our interior design specialists help! Give us a call to set up a consultation and let’s get working on your space! 

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