A Guide To Furnishing A Guest Bedroom

Furnishing your home can be a fun and exciting process that many homeowners enjoy and even look forward to! It’s common for homeowners to want to fill their homes with the pieces they love, even if they don’t necessarily go together. While most homeowners spend a lot of time furnishing the rooms they use the most, the rooms they aren’t in often – guest bedrooms to be exact, are filled with whatever is left. This can make homeowners feel as if they aren’t capable or ready to host friends and family overnight. That’s why our team here at Augustus & Carolina put together a guide to furnishing a guest bedroom for you!

Start With The Bed

If you start filling your guest bedroom with other pieces of furniture before the bed, you might run into some problems getting the bed in there. Starting with the bed will allow you to fill the room with other pieces that don’t affect the traffic of the room. Here at Augustus & Carolina, we have many unique bed sets that can become the focal point of your guest bedroom. 

Accent Wall

Whether it’s a large piece of art, a pop of color with some paint, or a patterned wallpaper, adding an accent wall in your guest room can be an easy way to make your space more inviting. Get creative with it and use this room to show your guest your style! 

Give Them Some Storage

While some guests may not mind living out of their suitcase, some may like a place to set their things! Adding a dresser or nightstand with drawers can give your guests more storage options and can even elevate the design of your space! 

Overall, these are just a few of the many tips we can offer when it comes time to furnish your home. Whether you’re searching for a new sofa or need to furnish your entire home, our team here at Augustus & Carolina is committed to providing you with the best furniture shopping experience possible! Ready to start shopping? Come see us!

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