6 Tips for Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture

As the South Carolina weather starts to heat up, people are drawn to spending more time outdoors. Outdoor spaces and patios are utilized more and more for relaxing, entertaining guests, and just overall personal enjoyment. When it comes to furnishing an outdoor space, our design team at Augustus & Carolina have a few things we think you need to consider before settling on patio furniture. 

The Weather

Before you decide on furniture, it’s important to think about the climate where you live. The salty air we feel here on the South Carolina coast can wreak havoc on different materials like wood, wicker, and aluminum. Take into consideration where you’re going to want to place the furniture; for example, on a screened porch, a covered front porch, an uncovered patio, etc.

 You don’t want to leave nice, high-quality furniture exposed to certain outside elements. 


Consider the size of the space you’re planning on furnishing before settling on certain pieces. Take into consideration how foot traffic will flow in that space – you don’t want anything too overcrowding. For smaller spaces, try using a bar or bistro table rather than a regular outdoor dining table since they tend to be smaller and more narrow. 


 No one wants to be uncomfortable while enjoying the fresh air outdoors. Sometimes chairs and benches don’t come with cushions, but adding your own can make a real difference when it comes to comfort. It’s important to make sure to buy a good quality fabric (we suggest fade and mildew resistant) that will stay looking their best even throughout the cold and rainy months. 


 When considering outdoor furniture, it’s essential to think about where you can store all of it if needed (a garage, storage unit, covered porch, etc.). If you’re going to invest in quality patio furniture, then you’re going to want to make sure it lasts. 


Lastly, before you start looking at outdoor furniture, it’s very important to know your budget. When it comes to outdoor furniture, we suggest buying the highest quality you can. If you’re on a small budget, we can help you determine what is the best quality for the best price. 

Overall, our team at Augustus & Carolina wants to help you create the perfect outdoor space for you and guests to enjoy all spring and summer long! For all your design needs, indoor and outdoor, we’re the experts you can trust!

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