5 Tips on Decorating a Small Space

When it comes to interior decorating, most homeowners find small spaces to be the most challenging (we promise it’s not!). Whether you’re decorating a small apartment or office space, it’s really easy to fill a room with clutter. While the design focus is going to be a bit different since you’re working with less space, the general design rules stay the same. Here are a few tips that we’ve come up with to help you keep your space organized and clutter-free! 

1. Put bigger items on the perimeter of the room

You don’t have to get rid of large furniture just because your space is smaller, but you should be strategic of where you place them. By placing larger items along the walls, you allow more space in the middle of the room. 

2. Use lighting to your advantage

A small space can open up with the right lighting. By letting in natural light or using additional lighting, it’s easy to add warmth in your space. If you don’t have any room for standing or table lamps, try using lighting options that you can hang on the walls (string lights, pendant lighting, etc.).  

3. Create space with mirrors

Mirrors are great to use for additional lighting and giving the room the illusion of more space. Try hanging a large mirror or arrange a few smaller ones throughout a room to reflect natural and non-natural lighting.

4. Less is MORE

When moving into a smaller space, it’s important to get rid of the items that aren’t serving a purpose in your life anymore. By doing so, you reduce the risk of overcrowding your space with clutter. When decorating a smaller space, it’s important to take inventory of the things you need and don’t need so you can decorate the space accordingly.  

5. Get creative with storage

It’s ideal to find storage options that also serve as décor! Finding pieces like a bed frame with drawers underneath or an ottoman that can store blankets are great for keeping the clutter to a minimum. Try to find other places to store items rather than just shoving everything into a closet!

When it comes down to decorating a small space, don’t try to work in anything that doesn’t look or feel like it belongs. The goal is to have a functional space that’s shown off in the best way possible and by following these tips we believe you can accentuate any small space!

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